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Mix Media is a digital audio production and recording studio located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are located on Broadway near Cambie and serve the Greater Vancouver Area.

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This state of the art recording studio facility provides you original music and sound production for film, television, video, commercials, radio, corporate, live theatre, and new media. Operating on both Pro Tools and Logic Pro systems, Mix Media offers exceptional recording, mixing, mastering and composition services for all styles of music. Mix Media can accommodate any recording and mastering need, be it small demo projects, full-length CDs, CD-ROMs, post production, 5.1 surround sound mixing, ADR, voiceovers, film scores, recording or sound design. By combining vintage gear, cutting edge technology and engineering know-how, Mix Media provides a studio environment that will give your project the attention and care it deserves Please feel free to contact us for more information, setup a free consultation, or to make an appointment to tour our facilities. Give us a Call to discuss your needs! (604) 255-6603