Mix Media offer original music for all media. We have written music for various types of media and in several styles. These include short, catchy jingles for television and radio ads, web series, hip-hop music, Hindi-pop, cartoon music, and original score for your short and feature films. Let us provide you with a top-quality product that will make your project stand out.

Original Composition: We can write an original composition for your important project. Let us provide a great musical score for your short or feature film, a toe-tapping pop song, a catchy radio jingle for your television or radio ad or a outstanding original score and songs for your animated film. We will work together with you to give you something we all can be proud of.

Arranging: We can take any existing piece of music and orchestrate it to your specific ensemble. We will write out the individual parts for groups such as a children’s choir, orchestra, marching band, concert band, a cappella barbershop quartet or a jazz swing band. If you’d like to augment your pop song with a live string orchestra, we can also bring in the musicians and record it.

Transcribing: If there’s an original song or piece of music you’ve composed or recorded and you’d like sheet music written out for other musicians to play it we can accommodate. Using standard western notation, we will transcribe your material so that any educated musician can read and play it.

Midi Sequencing: Through the use of computers and synthesizers we can create a powerful, cost-effective piece of music for any pop song, video game, corporate video, film score, radio jingle or karaoke track that will sound great and will easily transpose to any key.

Studio Musicians: If your project requires live instrumentation for your own original music, film, video or special project, we have a vast database of professional Vancouver musicians, which include acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, banjo, harp, cello, fiddle, a string section, saxophone, trumpet and lap steel guitar, just to name a few.