»   Microphones  (for studio and live a/v application)

AKG 535 condenser microphone

AKG D-112 dynamic microphone (4)

AKG C 1000s condenser microphone (4)

AKG D-3700 dynamic microphone

Apex 381 dynamic microphone

Apex 565 clip on condenser mic

Audio Technica 4033 wide diaphragm condenser microphone (2)

Audio Technica Pro 37 condenser microphone

CAD M177 Cardoid Microphone (2)

Crown PCC-160 condenser microphones (2)

Crown SASS-P MK II stereo condenser pzm microphone

Fen-Tone FMS-18 Vintage dynamic microphone

Rode NT-2 wide diaphragm condenser microphone

Sennheiser E608 dynamic clip on mic

Sennheiser ME 66 super cardoid condenser microphone (3)

Sennheiser ew 500 UHF wireless receiver with condenser lavalier microphones (live application only)

Shure Beta-52A dynamic microphone

Shure 55 SH dynamic microphone (3)

Shure SM 57 dynamic microphones (4)

Shure SM 58 dynamic microphones (2)

Shure ULXS 124/85 Combo Wireless System with SM58 Handheld Mic, WL185 Lavalier Mic and WL50 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone

»   Outboard Equipment (for studio and live a/v application)

Keyboards, Synth Modules, Samplers & Midi Controllers

Akai S6000 midi stereo digital sampler (rack)

Kurzweil K-2000R tone generator & sampler (rack)

M-Audio Ozone USB audio/midi mobile workstation keyboard

M-Audio ProKeys 88sx full size keyboard with semi-weighted action

Novation X-Station 49 USB audio/midi synthesizer

Roland A-30 digital midi keyboard controller

Yamaha Motif XF7 76 key sampling synth module

Mixing Consoles

DDA CS8 24 Channel Mixing Console

Mackie CFX16 MKII mixing console

Mackie DFX-6 mixing console

Mackie SR-2404 24-4-2 mixing console

Mackie CR-1604 mixing console

Speakers & Monitors

Galaxy Hotspot PA6SR monitor with built in wireless system (handheld, head set and lapel mic available)

KRK Rokit RP5 Powered Studio Monitors (5)

KRK RP-10S Powered Subwoofer

Mackie SRM150 powered monitor (3)

Yorkville Elite E12 passive speaker (2)

Yorkville NX600 powered speaker with stand (2)


16 channel audio snake

24 channel audio snake

Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 high resolution master disk recorder

Art Studio V3 voiced valve pre-amplifier

Behringer Powerplay PRO-XL headphone amplifier

Canon A/V projector

Denon DN-M1050 R mini disc recorder

DI boxes – passive & active (several)

Digitech GNX1 guitar effects processor

Klark-Teknik DN360 30 band stereo graphic equalizer

Focusrite Octopre – 8 channel mic pre-amp/compressor

Furman PL-Plus power conditioner & light module

Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck

PAS 600 power amplifier

POD XT live guitar effects & amp modeling processor

Roland GP-16 guitar effects processor

Tascam CD player

Yamaha P2100 power amplifier

Yamaha SPX990 reverb unit

»   Recording, Sequencing & Music Notation Software (operating with a dual monitor 24 inch iMac with a 2.33 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo processor)

Logic Pro 9

Pro Tools LE 9

Sibelius 6 music notation software

»   Instruments

1913 Heintzman transposing piano1

967 Gibson ES–335 semi-hollow body guitar

1960 re-issue Fender Stratocaster

Daisy Rock Wildwood Series acoustic/electric guitar

Dvorák viola

Fender Stratocaster – Standard

Fender 5 string banjo

Fender FV2 electric violin

Francis Savois acoustic violin

Gretsch G6120DSW Nashville Western Guitar

Ibanez AG75 hollow body guitar

Ibanez double-neck electric guitar

Ovation MCS 148 Celebrity Mandolin

Samick ukulele


Tradition tenor banjo

US made Fender Precision bass

Yamaha LLX 400 acoustic guitar

Yamaha CG-180SA nylon string guitar

»   Guitar & Keyboard Amplifiers

Fender Blues Junior 180 watt tube guitar amplifier

Roland AC-60 acoustic solid state guitar amplifier

Roland JC-120 solid state guitar amplifier

Roland KC-150 stereo mixing keyboard amplifier

SWR Baby Blue II bass amplifier

Vox DA5 solid state guitar amplifier with built in DSP