Audio Mastering: Audio mastering is the final step in audio post-production in which audio is prepared for playback on a wide range of playback devices. Using tonal balancing, level adjustment, equalization, compression and a finely tuned ear our audio engineers will master your audio, song or CD so that it will sound great anywhere. We can provide a digital master, a CD master or a DAT tape master that you can use to manufacture multiple copies of your CD, DVD or video project.

Top Eleven Reasons To Master Your Audio

  1. It will give your songs a polished, professional, crisp sound that all commercially released CDs, music and DVDs have
  2. It will enable your music, DVD or film project to sound its best on all sound systems, such as:
    • a television
    • DVD player
    • car
    • nightclub
    • home stereo
    • ipod
    • mp3 player
    • mp3 player
    • portable radio
    • computer
    • and any other playback device
  3. Audio mastering will give an overall warmth to your audio
  4. It will enhance the stereo imaging of your audio
  5. It will improve the low-end definition and add punch to your audio track or CD
  6. It will add clarity to the high-end of your audio track or CD
  7. It will eliminate and minimize all noise between songs and throughout the audio track
  8. It will raise the overall RMS and peak sound level (normalize) of your audio so it will play back at the highest optimal level
  9. Through digital signal processing (DSP) such as equalization and compression, audio mastering will correct mixing deficiencies so you hear every instrument and nuance
  10. Your audio master CD will be encoded with CD Text that contains the song title and recording artist’s name on every track.  This text will be displayed on many car systems, home Hi-Fi systems, DVD players, portable CD players and portable playback devices.
  11. Audio mastering will match the sound levels throughout the songs on your CD creating a smooth transition from track to track


You cannot afford not to have a professionally done audio master for your important song, CD, DVD or film project. Trust Mix Media to create a great sounding audio master that will take your audio from sounding like a demo to sounding like a high-end, commercially released CD or DVD.