David Radford

David had absolutely no experience in voiceover – in fact, he had never been in front of a microphone before… David wrote his own script and we completed recording, sound effects and mix-down in two 4-hour sessions. Be sure to listen for the amazing “The Lord Of The Rings” impressions!


Karen Rae

Another natural voiceover actor. Karen’s VO demo was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced here at Mix Media. Great coaching by our very own VO coach, Michael Coleman.


Michael Coleman


Our own voiceover coach extraordinaire. This is Michael’s Animation and Commercial VO demo recorded, mixed and mastered here at Mix Media.


Carlo Fanella

This 30-second radio spot was written by Carlo Fanella, a Vancouver actor and voiceover artist.


Harvey Gold

A veteran with a voice like butter, Harvey has been working in the voiceover industry for years, and it shows.